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Our Journalists Keep You Informed

We care so much about keeping you informed that we have developed an entire range of communications tools.
  • Guides on subjects of public interest, such as Household Chemical Products: A Spotless Record? and Health Products and Medication: A Potentially Risky Mix.
  • Features and buyers’ guides for magazines, including Décormag, Coup de pouce and Lundi.
  • Simplified explanatory guides helping companies and teachers to transmit information effectively on public or financial services to new clients or those with limited education.
  • The De nous à vous newsletter, designed to keep you informed about what we do.
  • The Toy Guide, published by Protégez-vous. The indispensable guide for parents and grandparents who want to know what they can give for Christmas.
If you witness, or are the victim of, an unacceptable consumer-related situation (especially financial services, privacy, energy, agrofood and travel), we invite you to let us know about it, preferably by e-mail. You will be our eyes and ears, our ally in countering abusive business practices.

We intend to strengthen our bond with you even further. With this aim in mind, we have improved our Web site, which we think is the best vehicle for reporting our investigations and publishing our files and editorials. These documents appear in the following sections.
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