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Our Lawyers Defend Your Rights

In the FAQ section, you will find answers to your questions about billing, housing, commercial practices, personal information, identity theft, etc.

You want to know your rights and your recourse as a consumer? Do you want to find out more about the class action suits we have initiated? You should find the following of interest to you.

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Court of Quebec – Small Claims Division

  • This court hears cases involving disputes over sums of money or the cancellation or termination of a contract, when the amount in dispute does not exceed $15 000. The plaintiffs represent themselves, without a lawyer.

The Consumer Protection Act

  • This Law seeks to protect Quebeckers in many consumer sectors. It establishes a basic warranty on the goods and services offered to consumers. It governs all contracts between consumers and merchants.

Class Action Suits

  • This procedure makes it possible for only one person to represent a group that has the same problem. Just one ruling or favorable judgment makes it possible to obtain individual or collective compensation for thousands of people who would otherwise not have obtained justice.
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