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Practical Guides

Food and product safety

Household Chemical Products: A Spotless Record?

Which household chemical products are potentially detrimental?
What are their effects on health? What can be done to reduce reliance on household chemical products? What are the consequences for health and the ecology? This guide attempts to answer all these questions, in an attempt to shed light on the risks related to long-term exposure to household chemical products.

Natural Health Products and Drugs: Sometimes a Risky Mixture

An indispensable reference for anyone wishing to use natural health products safely.
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How to Write Clearly and Simply

A guide for writers in a professional setting.
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Everything You Need to Know About Automobile and Home Insurance

What types of protection are available? What to do in the event of an accident or disaster? This guide answers many of the questions raised in this regard. In particular, you will find information on the various forms of coverage, and the factors determining the premium. It will also tell you what you can do if you have difficulty getting insured. An essential tool for anyone wanting to know more about automobile and home insurance.
Everything You Need to Know About...
Automobile Insurance
Home Insurance


Money 101

For young people, starting to college is often synonymous with autonomy and freedom but it brings with it new responsibilities and obligations: paying for school fees, books, supplies and often even rent, groceries, telephone, etc.
This guide is aimed at helping young adults to become informed consumers by providing them with information on various everyday aspects of being a consumer as well as advice and easy ways to overcome certain preoccupations of a financial nature.
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A Brief Overview of Gaz Métro and Hydro-Quebec

How does one become a Gaz-Métropolitan and Hydro-Quebec customer?
How to read and pay energy bills
What steps should I take in the event of financial difficulty?
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Make More With Less: 101 Economic Tips to Help Balance Your Budget

141 pages, 2001
(French only)


A Brief Overview of Consumerism

What are the rules that retailers have to comply with?
Why shouldn't you give your personal information to anyone who asks?
What recourse do you have to exercise your rights?
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Personal Growth

Feeling Good in Your Skin: A Guide to Personal Growth

207 pages, 1993
On-site consultation
(French only)

Banking – Bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards

A Brief Overview of Financial Services

How to open a bank account. What type of account to choose?
What tools do you get with your account?
What kinds of transaction does your account entitle you to?
In this guide, you will find the procedure for opening a bank account. You will also learn how to choose the type of account that is appropriate to you. Then you will find information about the tools you will obtain with your account: cheques, debit card, monthly statement, etc. Also, you will be informed about which transactions a bank account gives you the right to. Finally, you will be able to test your knowledge by doing the exercises included.
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Insurance Deposits: a Protection for Your Finances

Is all the money you deposit at a member institution of the Community Futures Development Corporation protected?
What is the role of deposit insurance?
What do you do if your financial institution goes bankrupt?
N.B. Following the adoption of the 2005 budget, the ceiling on deposit insurance rose to $100,000. This measure is retroactive to February 23, 2005.
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