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Who are we?


Founded in 1983, Option consommateurs is an association devoted in advocating and promoting the rights and interests of consumers. 

To achieve our mission, we pursue four objectives:
  • Promote a respectful vision of socioeconomic rights and interests of consumers;
  • Empower consumers and promote their independence by helping, informing and representing their interests to decision makers;
  • Helping to balance the power between companies and consumers;
  • Promoting equitable legal and contractual rules with regard to consumers and businesses, ensure their implementation and their respect.
Our key issues are:
  • energy
  • agrofood
  • financial services
  • privacy
  • commercial practices

Our services

Option consommateurs offers a range of services

We can help you to:

  • plan your budget and keep to it*
  • negotiate with public utility companies*
  • get your home for ready for winter*
  • find out about your rights and have them respected

We inform you by:

  • organizing information sessions
  • producing the Toy Guide for Protégez-vous magazine
  • producing various other guides
  • writing numerous articles for several Quebec magazines
  • offering a host of information on our Web site

We defend your interests by:

  • alerting public opinion
  • instigating class action suits
  • producing research reports
  • representing you before parliamentary committees
  • taking part in various committees
* Reserved for residents of Montreal centre.
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