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A Moment of Privacy: Fitness Trackers

In this second video from our series A Moment of Privacy, Andrew Hilts, executive director and research lead at Open Effect, presents the report Every Step You Fake: A Comparative Analysis of Fitness Tracker Privacy and Security.


Canadians are increasingly using electronic devices meant to capture and record the relative levels of a person’s fitness. These fitness tracking devices collect a wide range of personal information and usually transmit it to servers controlled by fitness tracking companies. The findings of this report show that fitness trackers provide widely varying levels of both data security and responsiveness to Canadians’ right to information requests. Click here to read the report.

The series A Moment of Privacy is meant to provide the general public with an overview of some of the privacy research projects conducted with the support of the Office of Privacy Commissioner Contributions Program. Each video will allow featured researchers the opportunity to explain, in simple terms, some of the results of their research.

This project has been funded by the Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC); the views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the OPC.