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A Moment of Privacy: Monitoring Data

In this fourth video from our series A Moment of Privacy, Heidi Bohaker, associate professor at the University of Toronto, presents the report Seeing Through the Cloud: National Jurisdiction and Location of Data, Servers, and Networks Still Matter in a Digitally Interconnected World.


Many Canadians don’t know that their digital data often ends up stored outside of Canada. Even if we live in a global world, national jurisdiction matters: where in the world your data is located affects which third parties can legally access it, and on what terms. Click here to read the report.

The series A Moment of Privacy is meant to provide the general public with an overview of some of the privacy research projects conducted with the support of the Office of Privacy Commissioner Contributions Program. Each video will allow featured researchers the opportunity to explain, in simple terms, some of the results of their research.

This project has been funded by the Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC); the views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the OPC.