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A stranger knocks on your door? Beware, it may be an itinerant merchant!

Far from selling the traditional encyclopedias or the mythical vacuum cleaners, an itinerant merchant can now offer heat pumps, solar panels, attic decontamination services or other major work on your home. These contracts, worth several thousand dollars, are often financed on credit. Before you fall for this scam, here are some tips to follow. Make […]

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Exchange and refund policies

You’ve made a purchase, but you’ve changed your mind and want to return it. Is the merchant obligated to refund your money? What if the item is defective? Let’s take a look at exchange and refund policies.   IF YOU SIMPLY CHANGED YOUR IDEA (the item is OK and not defective): First of all, be […]

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Opt-out contracts – What to know about these subscriptions

DEFINITION Goodfood, FabFitFun, Netflix, Spotify… More and more online companies are changing their business model: they no longer offer a specific product, but rather a subscription that gives access to a service allowing to receive goods or to access a virtual library. In order to attract customers, these companies offer their subscription as an opt-out […]

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Conformity warranty

You may have received an item that was not as described, but it was not defective. For example, you ordered a blue hat, but you received a red hat. It does what it is supposed to do, but it’s not what you wanted. What to do in such a situation?   Good news! The Consumer […]

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Warranties (manufacturer, extended and legal)

You may have already bought a refrigerator from a retailer and it broke after only a few months. An appliance should have a longer lifespan, what to do in this kind of situation? Let’s shed some light on the different types of warranties and how to solve your refrigerator problem. There are several types of […]

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Price accuracy policy

DEFINITION You’ve probably heard of the Price accuracy policy, but what is it and who must comply with it? The Consumer Protection Act states that all merchants in Quebec must display the price on each item they sell, except those who choose to adhere to the policy. A merchant can therefore avoid indicating the price […]

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