Each year, Option consommateurs creates research reports about different consumption key issues.

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Data Breach Prevention and the Canadian Consumer

Privacy — 28 January 2022 —
In recent years, data breaches have been on the rise in Canadian companies. The risk of security leaks is heightened in the digital environment, exposing consumers to identity theft and other harmful consequences. Many cybersecurity experts are …
Alexandre Plourde

Influencer marketing: advertising in the age of social media

Business practice — 5 October 2021 —
Influencer marketing is a phenomenon that is increasingly present in our daily lives and one that raises a host of concerns. This research focuses on the advertising generated by this marketing technique. We approach the topic with an eye to …
Clarisse N'Kaa

Consumer-related Copyright Issues on the Internet of Things – A study of connected objects available to Canadian consumers

Business practice — 27 August 2019 —
The digital economy provides both benefits and challenges for consumers. Take for example the increasingly connected nature of everyday objects, a major technological development that we call the Internet of Things (IoT). This new reality could give …
Jeremy de Beer, Jules Bélanger et Mohit Sethi
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