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We will keep you informed about:

The Budget:

  • Budgetary method: budgetary forecasts, income, expenses, debts
  • Ways to balance one’s budget and tips on how to save
  • The cost of indebtedness
  • The consequences of indebtedness: credit record, seizure, etc.
  • Solutions to indebtedness: negotiations with one’s creditors, bankruptcy and consumer proposal, etc.


Financial Institutions:

  • Financial institutions in Quebec
  • The opening of an account and counter transactions
  • The ATM: accessibility and advantages, personal identification number
  • Computerized transactions: automatic withdrawal, automatic transfer


Expensive credit :

  • Pawnbroking and loansharking
  • Credit the 2nd and 3rd time around: loans at high interest
  • Buy to own: rental contract with option to buy
  • Check cashing services
  • Financial plans


The Consumer Protection Act (LPC):

  • Situations where the LPC applies
  • Various types of contracts protected by the LPC
  • Merchants’ guarantees and reimbursement policies
  • Business practices: advertising, misleading statements, etc.
  • Legal recourses

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