Legal Information Services

We will keep you informed about:

The Budget:

  • Budgetary method: budgetary forecasts, income, expenses, debts
  • Ways to balance one’s budget and tips on how to save
  • The cost of indebtedness
  • The consequences of indebtedness: credit record, seizure, etc.
  • Solutions to indebtedness: negotiations with one’s creditors, bankruptcy and consumer proposal, etc.

Financial Institutions:

  • Financial institutions in Quebec
  • The opening of an account and counter transactions
  • The ATM: accessibility and advantages, personal identification number
  • Computerized transactions: automatic withdrawal, automatic transfer

Expensive credit :

  • Pawnbroking and loansharking
  • Credit the 2nd and 3rd time around: loans at high interest
  • Buy to own: rental contract with option to buy
  • Check cashing services
  • Financial plans

The Consumer Protection Act (LPC):

  • Situations where the LPC applies
  • Various types of contracts protected by the LPC
  • Merchants’ guarantees and reimbursement policies
  • Business practices: advertising, misleading statements, etc.
  • Legal recourses

Please note that our legal information service will be suspended from June 1st 2019 and for the entire summer period. We invite you to consult the “Resources” section of our website where you will find a list of organizations that can help you.
Thank you for your understanding.