Information sessions

Option consommateurs offers information sessions treating various subjects related to personal finances as well as the Consumer Protection Law. These sessions, given by our budget counselors, are offered to community organizations, businesses as well as public and parapublic organizations. 

Customed-made Sessions

Our budget counselors can adapt the content as well as well as the length of the information sessions to the needs of your organization or clientele. Therefore, once you have well defined your needs, we can decide to elaborate on certain points or to drop others.

List of Our Sessions:

  • End the Spiral of Indebtedness
  • Healthy Personal Finances
  • An Informed Consumer is Worth Ten Consumers!
  • Workshop on identity theft entitled « Preventing Identity Theft »
  • Credit Record
  • Dispute with a merchant: be well prepared so as to emerge the winner!
  • Senior Citizens: Retirement and Personal Finances
  • Credit Management and Saving Tips
  • Senior Citizens: In Retirement, Browse in Complete Security

Please note: An information session generally lasts from two to three hours. A charge may be requested.

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