Legal information service

We offer a free legal information service to answer your questions about your rights in relation to consumer protection. Questionable commercial practices, guarantees, recourse… We are here to help you see things more clearly.

You have a disagreement with a merchant and you wonder what your recourse is? Do you have doubts about the legality of certain commercial practices? You want to know more about your rights in terms of guarantees, refund policies or contracts?  We are here to help you free of charge.

Examples of questions we are often asked:

  •  “I had a piece of furniture delivered, but it arrived damaged. What can I do?”
  •  “I bought a new refrigerator 2 years ago and it is already broken. The dealer who sold it to me says he can’t do anything and neither can the manufacturer. Is this true?”
  •  “I bought tickets for a show, but it was cancelled because the singer was sick. The venue refuses to refund me in money, only offering me a credit. This is not what I want. Do I have a choice?
  •  “I had a purchase I made online stolen, which was left on my doorstep. The merchant absolves himself of responsibility, telling me it was my responsibility to be present at the delivery. How do I avoid this situation in the future?”
  •  “The telecommunications company I deal with added a service charge to my bill without my approval. It’s a very small amount, but it seems like I should be able to accept or decline, right?”

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