With more funds, we can provide more assistance and help build a more just society!

Help vulnerable populations

Option consommateurs makes it easier to access the justice system with its legal information service.

  • 73.7% of Quebecers say they don’t have the means to go to court[3], since the justice system is too expensive, too complex and, therefore, inaccessible.

We respond to hundreds of legal information requests every year in order to help these people exercise their rights. 

Option consommateurs provides support for personal finance management.

  • 64% of Canadians are concerned about their financial situation[4].
  • In 2021, household debt in Canada amounted to 186.2% of disposable household income[5].

That’s why, each year, hundreds of people receive a free budget consultation, and thousands use our budget worksheet, a tool that’s available to all.

Anyone can access our resources and tools online, as well as make appointments.

Protect seniors

Seniors can be a prime target for fraudsters or mistreatment by their caregivers. We’re here to help.

  • In Canada, 14% of seniors were victims of fraud from 2014 and 2019[6].
  • In 2019, nearly 6% of seniors living at home in Quebec reported experiencing at least one type of abuse in the previous year.[7]

Option consommateurs knows that seniors face personal finance difficulties, whether related to varied payment methods, estate management, protection mandates or powers of attorney. When better informed, these seniors can adopt safer behaviours to reduce the risk of financial abuse and mistreatment.

Option consommateurs therefore provides seniors and caregivers with a dedicated information database and help line.

Protect consumer rights

  • 37% of Canadians have had a misunderstanding with a merchant[1].
  • Close to 50% of Canadians don’t trust the eight industries they interact with regularly[2] (retail sales, travel, banks and financial institutions, insurance, food, car sales, real estate and telecommunications).  

Since there’s strength in numbers, Option consommateurs acts as a consumer representative in class action . A single favourable ruling or judgment compensates thousands of people and influences large companies to adopt more consumer-friendly practices.