Information and advice

How to plan a move without stressing? Is it possible to enjoy the holiday season without worrying? What are our rights when buying on the Internet? Is our data protected online? How can we be sure that a mobile merchant is reliable? Is it legal for points accumulated on a loyalty card to expire?

We get tons of questions about situations that arise regularly as consumers. Here is our toolbox that we hope will help you to know your rights better and to ease your finances during certain times of the year.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day

“The more you spend, the more you save!” Have you ever heard this expression? It can indeed be very tempting to open our wallets when presented with tempting discounts, but are they always worth the cost? Here are our tips for taking advantage of these promotional events.

Exchange and refund policies

You’ve made a purchase, but you’ve changed your mind and want to return it.  Is the merchant obliged to refund you? What if the item is defective? We take stock of the situation!

Formal notice

You may have heard that sending a demand letter may be appropriate when there is a disagreement with a merchant. But what exactly does this mean? In what cases can this type of letter be used? How should it be written? What to expect after sending it?


Feeling anxious as December approaches? There’s so much to plan, so many events to prepare for and probably many dollars to spend! We’ve put together our best tips to help you through this time of year and have even developed a holiday budget grid.

Itinerant merchant

A stranger knocks on your door to offer to buy goods or services? They also tell you that the offer is for a limited time or that the discount will end soon? There are several things you should check before entering into this type of contract. See all our tips on this subject.

Moving day

Whether it is desired or not, a move can be a great source of stress. Some people say that the stress caused by this event is equivalent to that experienced during a bereavement. Here are our tips for avoiding headaches.

Online shopping

Shopping online is now an everyday thing! Clothing, electronics and even food, you can buy literally anything online! But what happens if my package is stolen? What if I don’t receive it? If it is not conform? We answer all these questions!

Opt-out contracts

More and more online businesses are changing their business model from offering a specific product or products to offering a subscription service that provides access to goods or a virtual library. Find out what you need to know about this type of practice!

Price accuracy policy

You go to the cash register to pay for your purchases and discover that an item costs more than what is displayed on the shelf. The price accuracy policy, established in 2001, provides compensation for this type of situation. Find out how it works!


You may have already bought a refrigerator from a retailer and it broke after only a few months. Legal warranty, manufacturer’s warranty, extended warranty… where to turn and how to find out more? Here’s where we stand.