Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day – How to take advantage of discounts?

Whether it’s during Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the traditional Boxing Day, it can be tempting to take advantage of special offers and discounts from merchants.

But how can you be sure to take advantage of them and get the item you want at the right price?

  • Set a budget. Determining how much you have will ensure that you don’t spend more than you can afford.
  • The discount is great, but you’re planning to pay with your credit card? Remember, you’ll pay interest charges if you don’t pay off the full balance at the end of the month. So the savings could be lost if you pay interest.
  • Check to see if the discounts offered are really worth it. What is the regular price of the item you want? Just because merchants put forward an item or a price does not necessarily mean it is a good deal.
  • Compare prices between stores and you’ll get the best deal available.
  • Make sure you know when your item will be delivered. Merchants may have supply problems and this can cause long delays in delivery. Ask around to avoid unpleasant surprises!
    Choose the merchant you are dealing with carefully? Does it have a good reputation? Does he have a physical address? Have they been the subject of complaints to the Office de la protection du consommateur? These are often good indicators of the company’s reliability.
  • Check exchange and refund policies. Merchants are not required to take back your purchases if you change your mind and some do not have such policies. These policies may also not apply to clearance items.

Happy shopping!