Prêt du quartier

An exceptional expense comes along, but you don’t have the means to pay for it. Read the following. You may be able to take advantage of our program Prêt du quartier. 

Prêt du quartier gives you acces to small loans from $200 to $800. To be eligible, you must be referred to Option consommateurs by a community organization and meet certain criteria: 

  • You are a person of low income.
  • You have an unexpected expense on an immediate need. For example,the purchase of tools making it possible to return to work, glasses, school materials, etc.
  • You cannot get a loan from a financial institution.
  • You have a certain capacity of reimburesement.

Your loan request will be the subject of a budgetary consultation. If it is accepted by a loan committee, you will have a maximum period of 12 months to reimburse your loan without interest. Meantime, we will offer you a follow-up to accompany you in the management of your budget.

This service is offered in collaboration with the Mouvement Desjardins, la Caisse solidaire, Centraide, Alerte Centre-Sud and Action solidarité grand Plateau.