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OC Magazine – A new consumer affairs magazine

Montreal, November 26, 2019 – Toxic cleaning products, privacy issues, and online price manipulation: the world is changing quickly, and consumer-related issues are multiplying at light speed. To fill consumers in on what’s happening and help them navigate changes in an increasingly complex world of consumption, Montreal-based consumer rights organization Option consommateurs is publishing its […]

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Who are we?

Our mission

A nonprofit organization since 1983, our mission is to promote and defend the interests of consumers while ensuring that these interests are respected.

To do so, we become involved in various class action suits and we take a close interest in questions related notably to:

  • personal finances;
  • business practices;
  • financial services;
  • energy;
  • private life;
  • agri-food;
  • telecommunications;

Class action – Auto Parts

Did you know that there were settlements in Canadian class actions where certain auto parts manufacturers conspired to fix prices?

Four companies have agreed to pay $ 10.5 million to buyers of 14 types of auto parts and buyers of vehicles containing these parts. Follow this link to find out if you are a member and to subscribe to the Siskinds newsletter.

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