Seniors' option

Option consommateurs provides seniors with specific services, e.g. helping them deal with misunderstandings with merchants, safely conduct online transactions or develop a budget.

Virtual Lunch Conferences

on the rights and protection of seniors

You have the right to... assert your rights! To be well informed and protect yourself, watch the midday conferences offered by the experts atOption consommateurs.

Managing personal finances and debt among seniors

At this lunchtime conference, budget advisor Johanne Le Blanc provides information to help you manage your finances and make a budget to avoid falling into a spiral of debt.

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Illegal commercial practices targeting seniors

Door-to-door sales, telemarketing, funeral pre-arrangements... How can you make the right choices without getting caught out? Sébastien Boulerice, lawyer and budget advisor, provides information on the potential risks involved in dealing with certain merchants, to help you better protect yourself.

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Inheritance, wills, mandates and powers of attorney: what does it all mean?

This lunchtime conference, hosted by lawyer Sébastien Boulerice, explains the difference between a mandate of protection and a power of attorney, as well as the importance of making a will and planning your estate to protect your loved ones.

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Online purchases and transactions: how to protect yourself?

Online shopping has become commonplace, but how can you be sure that the sites you browse are trustworthy? Lawyer Clarisse N'Kaa gives you the tools you need to make secure online transactions.

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Identity theft and the protection of personal information

At this lunchtime conference, lawyer Alexandre Plourde shares his knowledge of credit reports and how to protect yourself against data leaks and identity theft.

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Financial management and abuse awareness for caregivers

Are you the caregiver of a senior? This lunchtime conference, led by budget advisor Johanne Le Blanc, will help you help your loved one manage their personal finances and protect them from financial abuse.

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Information bank

for seniors

The Seniors' Information Bank atOption consommateurs is full of relevant information and resources on a wide range of topics:

Credit and overindebtedness

Bank charges

Reward points


See more clearly and protect yourself
the Information Bank.

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Video capsules

Recognize emotional blackmail to better protect yourself

If a loved one or someone you've met on the Internet is pressuring you for money and playing on your fear or guilt to get their way, you could be a victim of abuse. Learn how to spot the signs of emotional blackmail with this video.

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Power of attorney and protection mandate: a clearer picture

"If I become incapacitated, will my son be able to use the power of attorney I signed for him? This simple video explains the difference between a Power of Attorney and a Mandate of Protection, two important documents to produce as you age.

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Inheritance, wills, mandates and powers of attorney: how to find your way around

What is the difference between a mandate of protection and a power of attorney? What are the different types of will? What is an executor? Learn more about these questions in this short video.

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Online purchases and transactions

What happens if the goods I receive are not what I ordered? Who is responsible for returning the product if we don't want to keep it? What protection do we have when shopping online? Discover the answers to these questions in this short video.

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Financial management and abuse awareness for caregivers

Watch this short video to learn more about the early signs of financial abuse and what to do if you have any doubts that such a situation is occurring.

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Our guides and booklets

Golden references for all your questions

The guide Vos finances en toute sécurité will help you better manage your finances and protect you against financial abuse. We've also thought of caregivers and isolated seniors by dedicating a specific booklet to each of them.

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Information line for seniors

Are you 55 or over and have a legal or budgetary question?
Contact our lawyers via our dedicated seniors line!

Contact us at 514-598-7288, ext. 4338