Mediation in cases of online criticism and/or defamation

Have you ever reviewed a business online? Did you know that the merchant could sue you? Indeed, consumers have already been ordered to pay up to $25,000 in Quebec and $115,000 in other Canadian provinces for defaming a business online.

Option consommateurs has set up a pilot mediation project for online criticism and/or defamation. The aim is to enable consumers and merchants to find a satisfactory solution to their disputes outside the courts, thanks to online mediation.

An accredited mediator (lawyer or notary) will help both parties reach an agreement without going to court. An accessible, less costly solution that provides better access to justice.

This project was made possible thanks to funding from the Fonds Accès Justice du Québec.


You can consult our information sheets on the rights and responsibilities of consumers and merchants with regard to online reviews:



For questions or information about the project, please contact Option consommateurs at 514-598-7288 or [email protected].