Option consommateurs fears the effects of rate modulation on vulnerable households

Montreal, June 06, 2024 - Option consommateurs has concerns about the electricity rate modulation proposed in the new Bill 69 on energy, but welcomes the strengthening of the Régie de l'Énergie's powers.

In fact, the non-profit organization that helps consumers defend their rights is concerned that modulating rates during peak periods unduly penalizes households that cannot defer their electricity consumption.

"We understand the need to encourage energy efficiency, but many Quebecers are not necessarily in a position to choose when they can use their appliances, whether because of their schedules or other restrictions in their building. We hope that these situations can be taken into account in the debate," says Carlos Castiblanco, economist at Option consommateurs.

Option consommateurs also finds the idea of creating a fund to help Hydro-Québec's domestic customers interesting. However, it considers that the assistance granted should be progressive in order to more specifically support low-income households.

Finally, Option consommateurs welcomes the strengthening of the Régie de l'Énergie's powers over rate-setting, notably with regard to the return of rate-setting through cost-of-service analysis and, for the first time in Quebec, generation regulation. These measures would be consistent with the implementation of the integrated resource plan.


About Option consommateurs

Option consommateurs is a non-profit association whose mission is to defend the rights and interests of consumers. It focuses on issues related to personal finance, business practices, financial services, privacy, energy, debt and access to justice.



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