The five duties and obligations of the real estate broker

When enlisting the services of a real estate or mortgage broker, a person has the right to expect professional services. At the OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec), we ensure that!


The role of the OACIQ in your transaction

Real estate and mortgage brokers are professionals supervised, trained and inspected by the OACIQ. By dealing with a broker, you are protected by the Real Estate Brokerage Act and it is the OACIQ that is responsible for enforcing the duties and obligations set out therein to ensure that your real estate or mortgage transaction goes smoothly and securely.


Now that you know a bit more about the context in which they operate, here is an overview of the duties and obligations of real estate or mortgage brokers.


In particular, a broker must:


1. Be transparent

Your broker must always act with transparency and integrity. He must inform all parties to the transaction of any factor of which he is aware that may adversely affect the transaction.

EXAMPLE: Does he have an interest in a property you're interested in? Or does he gain an advantage by referring you to a particular banking institution? He should mention this to you in writing without delay. If neighbors claim that the building you're interested in has been used for cannabis cultivation, your broker should be aware of the situation and inform you.


2. Inform and verify

Your broker must be able to demonstrate the accuracy of the information he is providing using proper documentation. He is also responsible for all the information he disseminates.

EXAMPLE: He must carry out the usual checks, notably regarding the amount of municipal and school taxes, as well as any other information contained in the property’s description sheet (year of construction, lot size and area, etc.). He must also verify the identity of all the parties to a transaction.


3. Be loyal

Your broker is bound by a duty of loyalty to you. He must promote your interests and protect your rights.

EXAMPLE: He must present you with all the properties available on the market that meet your requirements, or explain to you why he chose not to present you with certain ones.


4. Provide sound advice

Your broker must advise and inform you objectively.

EXAMPLE: He must explain and make sure that you fully understand all the clauses of the forms he is asking you to sign.


5. Be available

Your broker must ensure a reasonable degree of availability.

EXAMPLE: He must ensure that all communications are dealt with and all files are properly followed up. Otherwise, he must designate another broker as a replacement. The executive officer of the real estate agency for which he acts may also take over.


Are you wondering if your broker has fulfilled all his duties and obligations?

The OACIQ’s mission is to protect you. Don’t hesitate to contact the information centre Info OACIQ by email at [email protected]or by phone at 450-462-9800 or 1-800-440-7170. An information agent will be able to inform you about the duties and obligations of your broker and direct you to the appropriate resources, if necessary. You may also check theprotection mechanisms available to you by the OACIQ at