Consequences of SUVs - Équiterre and Option consommateurs join forces

Équiterre and Option consommateurs join forces to raise awareness of the consequences of SUVs

Option consommateurs is a proud partner of the #RealNeedsinitiative, led by Équiterre. The 3-year campaign raises public awareness of the impact of SUVs on the environment, road safety and personal finances.

The recent research the bigger the vehicle, the more expensive it is to buy and the more fuel it consumes (or energy, if it has a bigger battery). It has also been shown that light trucks (which include SUVs) are more dangerous to other road users than cars.

Option consommateurs has developed content for the personal finance community, including two workshops on what to consider when buying or leasing a car (new or used), plus a practical guide (publication forthcoming) filled with advice and information on personal finance and the legal aspects to consider so that consumers can make an informed choice. 

Option consommateurs also collaborated on the development ofa decision-support sheet for first-time vehiclebuyers (when a vehicle is unavoidable).

In addition, the Équiterre website provides the public with a comparator which lets you explore more than 70 popular vehicles, rated on environmental, safety and financial criteria.

To find out more about the campaign, visit the Équiterre website.