Option consommateurs files an application atclass action against two ticket resale websites

Montreal, October 18, 2023 - Option consommateurs has filed a request for authorization to exercise a class action against and for illegally charging more for tickets and misleading consumers by not representing themselves as resellers.

It accuses Marché de billets inc. which owns the two sites, of not having the required authorizations from show producers to charge prices higher than those of authorized ticket sellers. and are therefore illegally charging consumers additional amounts.

Option consommateurs also maintains that these sites contravene the Consumer Protection Act by not clearly indicating that they are a resale site and not an official platform for the sale of tickets to theaters.

All consumers and merchants who, since October 13, 2020, have purchased at least one ticket for a show on one of the two targeted sites, at a price higher than that advertised by the seller could be members ofclass action.

"Many consumers who buy tickets on these platforms don't realize that they are on resale sites. They then pay much more for their tickets, whereas they could find them at the official box office," laments Alexandre Plourde, lawyer and analyst at Option consommateurs.

class action aims to compensate consumers and merchants for the sums they have overpaid, as well as additional sums for breaking the law. Option consommateurs also demands that these sites modify their terms of use to comply with the Consumer Protection Act.

The request forclass action must first be authorized by a judge before the case can proceed.

For more information onclass action, please visit the Sylvestre Painchaud et Associés website.

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