Webinar Investing under influence: how to protect yourself?

Financial influencers, or finfluencers, are proliferating on Instagram and TikTok, dispensing practical advice on how to save on the one hand, and promising spectacular returns on a new product (hello cryptocurrencies!) on the other.

With almost half of Canadians aged 18-34 using the Internet to seek financial advice, the emergence of finfluencers has opened the door to fraudsters and the unskilled.

But how can you tell the real specialists from the dream sellers?

For a clearer picture, join us for our webinar on October 19, where personal finance columnist and financial planner Fabien Major will chat with finfluencer and financial security advisor Paola Hallé.

Be there, it's free!

Presented in collaboration with the Chambre de la sécurité financière.


The speakers


Fabien Major is a financial planner and wealth management advisor with Assante Capital Management. He is the host of the popular personal finance podcast Le planif and a regular contributor to the media on personal finance issues.

Major sees himself as an economic and financial "pathfinder". He defines his role as a guide who assists families to better manage and plan their wealth. Each of his interventions and recommendations is designed to inform and promote the best interests of his clients.

Paola Hallé is passionate about education and financial planning. She has accumulated 15 valuable years of customer service experience as a floor manager and Kérastase expert in a beauty salon. After completing her studies in fashion marketing and marketing administration, she was recruited to become a financial security advisor at iA Groupe financier, where she stands out as one of the few women in finance. From hair products to financial products, her goal remains the same: to listen to understand her customers' objectives, so as to advise them on their specific needs. She is very active on social networks to educate people about personal finance and financial security.